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  • Trump Goes On Rant About Immigrants At His Latest Rally; What He Called Them Will INFURIATE You (VIDEO)

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    Tuesday Night Donald Trump took time away from his usual tweeting duties to speak at one of his ridiculous rallies. It wouldn’t be a Trump rally if he didn’t spew out hate from his lips especially towards a certain group of people. Tuesday, he made Immigrants his target… again.

    While in Youngstown, Ohio Trump spoke to a group of mostly white, and probably racist people. While saying many questionable and stupid things like wanting to be added to Mount Rushmore and asking the crowd who William Mckinley is, the President disrespected immigrants, calling them animals and predators. All while the crowd cheered him on. He said,

    “…we’re sending them the hell back home, and once they are gone, we will never let them back in! The predators and criminal aliens who poison our community with drugs and prey on innocent young people. Believe me! And you’ve you seen the stories about some of these animals.”

    He must mean his immigrant wife Melania, and her (alleged) sketchy past in porn. No, it can’t be her, she’s a European immigrant. He is speaking on Brown and Black immigrants. They are thugs he speaks of. And yet again, he screams how he is not a racist person.

    As everyone is cheered, they don’t know that Trump’s ‘wannabe dictating’ behind is still struggling with the racist immigration laws he is already trying to enforce. According to Bloomberg, The latest blows to the administration come amid still-unresolved legal fights over Trump’s travel ban against six mostly Muslim countries and a looming budget struggle in Congress over funding for his promised border wall with Mexico that risks a government shutdown.

    A shame. America was supposed to be a safe haven for immigrants to come and start a new life. Yet this President that we have wants to strip them of that opportunity to please himself almost as if he is white washing America and he wants to start with immigrants of color. Check the moment out below, and if you want to watch the whole thing, I guess you have that option of torture too.


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