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  • Twitter Explodes In Reaction To Comey’s Testimony And It’s Perfect; Here Are The Top Moments

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    James Comey testified today before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Twitter deemed it #ComeyDay. Social media news was all things Comey. Of course, watching anything with Twitter makes life so much easier. With the commentary and the facts, it’s pure entertainment and educational.

    Watching Comey testify with the Twitter world made it more enjoyable, especially when it became a little redundant. Almost as if we weren’t getting anywhere aka BORING. Live tweets with Comey quotes kept the testimony alive.

    A few of the best Twitter moments and Tweets included the ‘gifs’, and we all know how those can add color and comedy to a tweet.

    The NAACP checked in to Twitter to let the world know they were tuned in to sip the tea…

    One tweet depicted the ignorance and lack of common sense of the Republicans…

    and of course, a tweet describing how Trump is being forced not to Tweet during the hearing. Truly iconic.

    When U.S. Senator Kamala Harris took the floor to question Comey, Twitter praised her for getting true questions across. Especially since the day before, her male colleagues tried to silence her,  she came harder today… One tweet read

    “The entire bar went quiet to hear Kamala Harris’ questioning. That’s respect.”


    “Kamala is the future of the Democratic Party. She is a principled and fearless leader!

    Harris was handling business so well people felt as if they were the ones being represented

    “Absolutely. I felt like she was fighting for me and I’m not even her constituent!”

    The last top moment was when John McCain took the stand and no one understood wtf he was talking about or why he was there.The twitter drag session was real too real.  This tweet summed the moment up perfectly…

    KAMALA HARRIS: Let’s talk about Sessions

    JOHN CORNYN: Let’s talk about Hillary

    MARCO RUBIO: Let’s talk about me

    JOHN MCCAIN: I got bingo!

    — Mikel Jollett (@Mikel_Jollett) June 8, 2017

    All in all,  we still need answers. Democrats think they’re moving in the right direction and so do Republicans, which means we have work to do. Let’s not lose focus on getting Trump out of the White House.  And a big shout out to Twitter for the entertainment and play by play.

    Featured Images via Getty Images and Twitter