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  • Kellyanne Conway’s Husband Steps On His Wife’s Toes; Goes After Trump On Muslim Ban

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    THIS JUST IN: Kellyanne Conway’s husband might be getting served divorce papers after he dragged Trump about his travel ban. We all know how Trump and Conway are besties, so he’s probably sitting in hot water as we speak.

    The President has made a lot of meaningless noise on Twitter with his recent rant about his ‘travel ban’ aka ‘Muslim ban’ which could not have come at a worse time. Literally, the man started flapping his gums right after the London terror attacks.

    Everyone is just so done with Trump and his childish tweets, even Kellyanne’s husband, George, had to go against the grain, calling the moves of the leader of the GOP gang just SAD. He responded to Trump’s tweet directly in bold fashion saying

    These tweets may make some ppl feel better, but they certainly won’t help OSG get 5 votes in SCOTUS, which is what actually matters. Sad.



    It’s apparent that George is so irritated with Trump that he even declined a position that was offered to him. According to Politicususa.com, Conway withdrew his name from consideration to the Justice Department’s Civil Division chief. A promotion he wanted no parts of. He said it’s just not for him.

    I have reluctantly concluded, however, that, for me and my family, this is not the right time for me to leave the private sector and take on a new role in the federal government.

    George, it looks like your patience is running thin with Trump. The President’s Counselor who seconds as your wife, might not be happy about you speaking out, but the world needs this. In your own way… you’re resisting! Good for you, now let’s work together to get him out of the White House. IMPEACH.

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