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  • Trump Makes A Huge Mistake, FBI Doubling Russia Investigation After Comey Firing (DETAILS)

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    It was obvious that Donald Trump had made a terrible mistake when he fired former FBI Director James Comey. Trump had not only made himself look extremely guilty and raised even more suspicion, but he once again put the spotlight on his Russia investigation with that incriminating action. But there’s another consequence to Trump’s firing of Comey, and this will probably make the erratic POTUS regret his decision the most.

    Apparently, Trump’s firing of Comey really pissed off the FBI. In fact, the intelligence organization is so outraged about it, that they’re not backing off at all like Trump hoped they would. Instead, they’re DOUBLING their efforts into the Trump investigation. So Trump’s plan for firing Comey completely failed, because instead of making his Russia scandal go away, he has only given the FBI more reason to pursue the investigation.

    According to Time: 

    “Alone among Trump’s senior advisers, Kushner, 36, urged the firing of FBI Director James Comey, the official in charge of the Russia probe. The ensuing, entirely predictable uproar resulted in the appointment of a special counsel, who will keep the probe alive for months. It also alienated the FBI rank and file. ‘[Trump] pissed off the building,’ says a former U.S. official familiar with the investigation. ‘Now they’re doubling down twice as hard’ on the probe.”

    This seems like a very obvious side effect to firing an FBI Director, and Trump and his team should have seen it coming. However, they obviously didn’t and that’s why we shouldn’t have idiots in the White House. If anyone in Trump’s administration had half a brain, they would have told Trump that firing Comey was a horrible idea. Trump needs experienced advisers to make up for his incompetence, but instead he decides to surround himself with people who are just as moronic.

    Once again, Trump’s own actions incriminated himself and he’s only given experts more fuel to work off of. He’s failed every single time to make himself look innocent, and his lack of cooperation with the investigation will certainly raise eyebrows. If Trump is caught when this investigation comes to a close, it will likely be his own fault.

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    Patti Colli

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