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  • Trump Is About To Literally Break The Internet; Will Take Away Free Speech For Everyone (DETAILS)


    It’s another day and that means another Donald Trump issue. Within all the drama that he’s bringing into the White House, the President still finds a way to piss more people off.

    In recent Trump news, Trump and his Republican crew are attempting to move forward with the Federal Communications Commission to limit the open Internet. According to Politico.com, today the FCC voted along party lines to begin the process of repealing Obama-era net neutrality rules, which require internet service providers like Comcast and Verizon to treat all web traffic equally.

    During former president Barack Obama’s term, he created “net neutrality” which protects the open Internet, basically removing any limits given by service providers and keeping it free.

    This is just a day after Trump complained about the press being unfair to him at a graduation commencement he spoke at. Trump, who uses the Internet to speak freely pretty often, probably wants to put ‘chains’ on the press. This is a very childish move, and sadly a normal way of how Trump handles things.

    Advocates of ‘net neutrality’ took the streets and to Twitter today to voice their frustrations against the potential Internet regulation change.

    Democrat Representative Barbara Lee led a protest also advocating Obama’s original plans for free Internet . She also tweeted out a message tagging the FCC that read,

    Trump’s @FCC wants to take away the open internet, at a time when free speech has never been more critical. We must protect #NetNeutrality!

    Lee is right, we need to fight for our free speech. We need to protect net neutrality. We need to continue to RESIST.

    Featured Image Via Getty Images and Twitter