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  • MS Sufferer Montel Williams Brings The Hammer Down On Trumpcare And It’s Brutal (Video)

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    Montel Williams has been an outspoken critic of Donald Trump before, and on Saturday he ripped the GOP and America’s undeserving, corrupt president a new one over Trumpcare, also known as the American Health Care Act.

    On Thursday, the Republicans pulled one of their most desperate moves since Trump took office – they voted in a health care bill that is a complete disaster just to make up for Trump’s failing presidency. It has been heavily reported that Trumpcare, the GOP’s replacement plan for Obamacare, would strip millions of Americans of health care coverage, as well as screw over every American with a pre-existing condition. Williams just so happens to have multiple sclerosis (MS), so he had plenty to say on this issue.

    In an interview with Ana Cabrera on CNN, Williams spoke for the many Americans that have been targeted by the GOP with Trumpcare. Williams let loose, practically obliterating the GOP by pointing out that Republicans had ignored data from other health institutions and only paid attention to insurance companies when they created the bill. Trumpcare was a highly flawed plan, and Williams wasn’t shy in saying so. The talk show host and U.S. Marine veteran said:

    “These numbers that people throw out are so wrong.”

    While insurance companies claim that only 22% of Americans have a “pre-existing condition,” Williams exposed the truth:

    “Over 56 percent of adult Americans, over 120 million adult Americans have at least one chronic illness and at least 80 percent of them have at least two.”

    Williams defended those with pre-existing conditions, stating that medical care can be extremely expensive and was concerned that those individuals would greatly suffer under the GOP’s plan, as insurance companies will be allowed to discriminate against those with pre-existing conditions. He said:

    “I’m very lucky. I and about two percent of Americans can afford whatever healthcare we need to have, but the rest of Americans can’t.”

    You can watch Williams put Trumpcare on blast below:

    Featured image via Mark Wilson and Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

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