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  • Devin Nunes Just Had A Disastrous Interview; Made Trump Look Like A Major Fool (VIDEO)

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    As Trump’s ties to Russia grow more terrifyingly obvious, the integrity of Representative Nunes grows increasingly suspect. The chair of the house intelligence committee, charged with investigating increasingly plausible hints of foul play, implicates himself more and more with his recent bizarre trip to the white house. CNN reports:

    “It has been something of a mystery, the whereabouts of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes on the day before his announcement that he saw information suggesting that communications of then-President-elect Donald Trump and his advisers may have been swept up in surveillance of other foreign nationals. The California Republican confirmed to CNN in a phone interview Monday he was on the White House grounds that day — but he said he was not in the White House itself. (Other buildings, including the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, are on the same grounds.)”

    This bizarre (and illegal) turn of events has Representatives of all stripes calling for Nunes’s resignation. Nunes, who’s charged with overseeing the FBI and CIA’s handling of Trump’s wrongs should in no way be flying under the radar. Still, when Wolf Blitzer confronted Rep. Nunes on CNN’s The Situation Room, the congressman was maddeningly suspicious and laughably opaque:

    “The interview was a complete train wreck. Nunes offered answers to questions that contradicted themselves. For instance, Nunes tried to claim that his source was a whistleblower, but also that the whole process and the intelligence he saw were routine. Nunes said that he thought what he saw in the documents was in his opinion wrong, but he refused to say that what he saw was illegal.”

    Nunes’ embarrassing behavior certainly doesn’t reflect well on Trump, or on congress. Still, if this behavior continues, it’s difficult to see either inhabiting spaces of power much longer. Corruption is one thing. Complete incompetence is another. After all, when it comes to friends like Trump’s, he doesn’t even really need the fire of his enemies. Though goodness knows: he’s got that too.

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