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  • Trump’s Wall Plans Are Moving Forward; It’s WORSE Than Imagined

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    Yesterday, the White House released plans for Trump’s mania fueled wall across Mexico. The plan is even more ridiculous and wasteful than detractors predicted. One of Trump’s more ridiculous campaign threats- the Mexican border wall- is also one of the many things establishment Republicans insisted he’d never do. Unfortunately for all of us, Trump really is crazy enough to take himself seriously. A similar promise, the Mulsim ban, has the full focus of Trump’s administration; and when he’s not focusing on bigoted fear mongering against Muslims, it seems Trump is aiming a similar vitriol towards America’s southern ally.

    Trump’s proposed budget slashes needed funding from programs as vital as health care and as moral meals on wheels. His purported objective- decreasing spending- seems increasingly absurd, however, as information mounts over an increase in defense spending and the hefty price tag of his wall. As NBC reports:

    “Trump has given a cost estimate of $12 billion, but a CNBC analysis found that it could balloon to as much as $25 billion, and that doesn’t include annual maintenance, which could run as high as $750 million.  Trump’s budget proposal to Congress allocates $1.5 billion for the border wall this year, with another $2.6 billion reserved for the project as a down payment in the following fiscal year.”

    These are all a bunch of “billion” words from the man responsible for the 24 million Americans about to lose their health care. Equally enraging are asinine plans for the wall itself. As the New York Times reports:

    ‘The wall design shall include anti-climb topping features that prevent scaling using common and more sophisticated climbing aids (e.g. grappling hooks, handholds, etc.)’ the agency said in the proposal request.”

    The plan seems to have spring from the  instincts and intellect of a toddler, as any exasperated expert will point out that very few immigrants enter via routes a wall would prevent. Then again, maybe the toddler comparison is unfair. Very few young people would spend the amount of time trump does on paranoia and hate.

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