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  • Latest Fox News Polls Are Gonna Set Trump’s Tiny Thumbs On Fire; Most Devout Are Turning (IMAGES)


    If there’s one thing Donald Trump loves, it’s being loved and people telling him how wonderful he is. He’s not wonderful, but that’s what he seems to need to hear to sleep at night and function.

    When he’s feeling really down about himself because the news is not showing him in a light that suits his fancy, but rather a light that suits reality, he seems to need to throw himself big rallies to be surrounded by cheers and support. It’d be funny if it weren’t so sad.

    However, now, it looks as though some of his most devout followers may be turning on him. In a group of polls just released by Fox News it showed Trump isn’t doing so hot with the majority of voters.

    In fact, you know things are getting bad for Trump when a Fox News poll asking voters about his alleged collusion with Russia show overwhelming support for a Congressional investigation:

    “Fox News Poll: Should Congress investigate alleged Trump-Russia coordination?”

    But that’s not all. None of the issues polled garnered even 50% support. In the words of Trump — sad!

    Of the people polled by Fox News, no one seems too happy with the way Trump is doing much of anything.

    The release of these polls sort of put Trump in a tough place. After all, Fox News is his go-to as a source of information. Most of his tweet storms happen after he watches a Fox News program because he’ll often repeat what he heard.

    Trump can’t handle bad news, so will he start calling Fox News “fake news” now? Will he say the polls aren’t real? Who knows, really, but what we do know is that his tiny thumbs are about to get a workout.

    Featured Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images