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  • Watch Trump Insult German Chancellor, Embarrasses Our Entire Nation (VIDEO)

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    President Donald Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a press conference on Friday morning. This marks Trump’s fourth joint press conference with a foreign leader, and by the looks of it–probably his last.

    Trump and  Merkel were involved in a very awkward exchange as the pair met at the White House, after a photographer asked pair to shake hands.

    Evidently, Trump ignores the request even after the German leader asked him if he would like to. As usual, Trump’s only concern is how he looks on camera. He says:

    “Send a good picture back to Germany, please.”

    In the video footage, Merkel is clearly disturbed by the fact that Trump just flat out ignored her.

    Watch the video, below:

    It is pretty obvious that Trump has no respect for any foreign leaders. For example, Trump once called Merkel “probably the greatest leader in the world,” but used her as a foil during his presidential campaign to represent the cosmopolitan globalism he campaigned against. Ultimately, Trump is an embarrassment to our great nation and continues to make us look bad in front of world-wide leaders.




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