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  • Top Republican SHREDS Trump For His ‘Disastrous’ Start, GOP HUMILIATED (VIDEO)

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    Donald Trump’s first few weeks have been getting ripped apart, and for good reason. Trump hasn’t even completed his first month in the White House, and he’s already screwed up multiple times and put the country in jeopardy. Not only did Trump busy himself with putting numerous executive orders in place (some of which he didn’t even know what they were for), he’s offended various world leaders and said some of the most anti-American, disgusting things we’ve ever heard come out of the mouth of a president.

    Last night, Senator John McCain let loose on Trump during an interview with MSNBC’s Greta Van Susteren. McCain didn’t bother mincing his words to protect Trump’s man-baby ego – he flat out called Trump’s rollout of one of his most controversial executive orders, the Muslim ban, “disastrous.”

    McCain slammed Trump and his team for being so sloppy in their execution of the travel ban, and stated that Congress should have been given a heads up instead of what really happened, which led to “this out-of-the-blue explosion that took everybody by surprise.” When Van Susteren asked McCain why Trump and his minions had taken that route, McCain said:

    “It seems that the M.O. of this White House is on a shakedown cruise.”

    McCain also blasted Trump due to the fact that people who actually had green cards, as well as an interpreter for the U.S. military, were flagged during this poorly planned ban.

    McCain, who was previously insulted by Trump for becoming a prisoner of war in North Vietnam, then railed into Trump’s administration for not having any respect for the protocol that is in place. He slammed Trump for not wanting to play by the rules and operate in a less erratic manner – something that all Americans desperately wish Trump would learn to do after watching him destroy the country for the last few weeks.

    You can watch McCain rip Trump below:

    Featured image is a screenshot

    Patti Colli

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