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  • BREAKING: Angry Republicans Just Lost It, Threaten ENTIRE United Nations, Here’s Why (VIDEO)


    Republicans appear to be livid and have gone unhinged, even going against their own president and threatening to punish most nations on the face of the planet for a country that is a notorious violator of human rights: Israel. Now, not only have the Republicans attacked outgoing President Obama for refusing to veto a resolution at the United Nations that criticizes Israel for their illegal settlement enterprise in Occupied Palestine, but they just threatened the United Nations. And who better to lead the way than creepy Ted Cruz. Here’s what he and his other wacky friend Lindsey Graham just announced:

    The unconditional support for Israel is puzzling given that Israel is a violator of the most basic of human rights against Palestinians and all President Obama was doing was calling Israel out on its atrocious record when he allowed a UN resolution to pass that condemned its behavior. So, the question then is: Why would Republicans be willing to throw their own president down the river and threaten the entire United Nations over a criminal state like Israel? The answer is money. Pro-Israel lobby groups have these politicians, who are without any morals whatsoever, by the balls:

    The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC): AIPAC is the most prominent governmental lobbying organization on behalf of Israel. Fortune Magazine typically rates it as the second most powerful lobby in the U.S. AIPAC frequently writes legislation for members of Congress, which extraordinarily large majorities of both parties typically endorse. It has a$100 million endowment and annual revenue of about$60 million and spends about $2-3 million each year in lobbying Congress. AIPAC’s annual conventions are typically a who’s who of high government office from both parties pledging their loyalty to Israel.”

    Basically, guys like Cruz and Graham are willing to let Israel continue to commit crimes against humanity for the sake of campaign donations when they’re up for re-election.

    If these politicians are willing to let a foreign power dictate U.S American policy, and go against their own president, and are willing to let Israel continue to go unhinged and commit crimes, you can bet they will sell the American people down the river for the right price.

    Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.