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  • Keith Olbermann Drops BRUTAL Bombshell On Trump Supporters And It’s EVERYTHING (VIDEO)

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    Donald Trump is about to officially begin his role as President of the United States in just a few short days, and he’s spending most of his transition time sucking up to Vladimir Putin and defending Russia against reports that the country meddled in the U.S. election.

    Most of us have been watching Trump closely and have been horrified by what we’ve seen. Even aside from the bigotry, racism and misogyny we’ve witnessed through his campaign promises, his erratic behavior and his Twitter activity is reason enough to be worried.

    This weekend, Keith Olbermann spoke directly to Trump’s supporters, explaining to them just why Trump is so dangerous and why he needs to be stopped. Refraining from insulting them for having a different opinion, Olbermann respectfully said:

    “So you support Donald Trump. I’m not going to yell. I’m not going to say you’re wrong. I’m not going to talk about his policies. I’m not going to talk about his promises.

    This is about him and you. So, let’s go in under the assumption that you’re smarter than I am, in which case you already know what my point is going to be.”

    Noting that he himself has been fooled before by other high-profile figures, Olbermann warned Trump’s followers that, “There is something really, really wrong with him.”

    “To pretend that there isn’t something wrong with him, you have to pretend really hard.”

    “I wish it were not true, but we have elected a man who is not all there — and that cannot end happily for anybody.”

    Olbermann provided several undeniable statements Trump has made, either through Twitter or public statements from Trump’s support of Putin to his egotistical, shameless self-promotion. Olbermann said:

    “Who defends a Russian dictator ahead of an American president? Any American president?”

    Noting that Trump was mentally unwell, Olbermann made this argument to Trump supporters, and it’s one that no one can deny:

    “His illness — and it is an illness — is putting you at risk and your family at risk and your kids and my family and everybody we know, the ones we like and the ones we don’t. Something bad will happen and whatever he does will make it worse and it will all be clear that he’s not healthy enough to be the president and they will have to remove him.”

    Olbermann closed out his message by asking Trump supporters to accept that Trump is not well enough to lead a country, and that the GOP will have to remove him from office “in a hurry.” Olbermann said:

    “And as a Republican or as a conservative or as a Democrat or as an American or whichever way you describe yourself. it will be a lot easier and a lot safer for all of us if you have prepared yourself and you help them remove him — because he is not well.”

    If there was ever a video that you needed to share with Trump supporters you know, it’s certainly this one.

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    Patti Colli

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