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  • Bigoted Fox News Anchor Just Attacked Obama For Being A Black Man (VIDEO)


    Just when you thought Fox News couldn’t get any lower with their so-called journalism, they pull a rabbit out of a hat and surprise you. In this latest case, it’s more like outrage. In what has become an organization that uses its platform to incite against Obama, Fox News’ latest rant against the president will go down as one of the worst ever.

    In the wake of the tragedy in Dallas, conservatives and bigots across the political spectrum have gone on the attack against the president, with one former Republican congressman even calling for his murder and the murder of members of the Black Lives Matter movement. In the latest rant on Fox, journalist Brit Hume went on what appeared to be a scripted rant against the president, attacking him and accusing him of only seeing through the eyes of “an aggrieved black activist rather than of a president of all the people.”

    The statement is in itself so loaded with racism, you can’t but be outraged. Has anyone in the right wing establishment ever said that a white president is only the president of white people? The answer is no. Hume seems to be very aware of President Obama’s color. The president condemned the tragedy but at the same time pointed to the fact that to be a black person in America is difficult and dangerous. Even the ultra-conservative Newt Gingrich acknowledged this fact.

    Hume also called the Black Lives Matter movement “fallacious.” His dismissal of BLM is only as a result of fear because BLM is proud, organized, and effective. America has feared organized, proud, and effective African Americans before: Their names are Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X and they changed the world, but they were assassinated for it. BLM’s message is a continuation of the heroic African American struggle for equality and Hume’s nasty tirade against BLM is simply an extension  of 400 years of a failing attempt to deprive African Americans of dignity.

    We need to work on healing wounds and ensuring that every American has the right to freedom, dignity, and equality, and these bigots have no room at the table.

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