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Republicans Jump Ship Over T rump Racism

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  • Two Elected Republicans Just Switched Parties Over Trump’s Indefensible Racism


    Donald Trump’s racist platform is literally driving Republican officials out of the party. CBS News New York and the Associated Press report that two elected Republican officials in New Jersey filed “change of party affiliation” paperwork on Thursday.

    To quote the Associated Press:

    “Hackensack Mayor John Labrosse and Deputy Mayor Kathleen Canestrino filed a change of party affiliation to independents on Thursday with the Bergen County Board of Elections, they announced in a news release.

    ‘The divisive and racist statements that Trump keeps making are insulting to many of our people and completely unacceptable. We don’t want a young student in one of our schools hearing these things and believing that their own elected officials are supporting these types of statements,’ the pair said in a statement.”

    According to CBS News New York, the pair represents a total of 44,000 constituents. Census figures reveal that of that total, 17,000 are foreign-born. Nearly 13,000 Hackensack natives speak Spanish in their homes.

    Labrosse and Canestrino recognized that Trump’s hateful rhetoric was alienating nearly forty percent of their community. Rather than hem and haw about his right to be an idiot (looking at you, Chris Christie), they decided to leave the Republican Party altogether.

    Said Canestrino,

    “We felt at this time, the best thing for us to do is to make a statement so that the citizens of our town are aware that we support  the diversity in our community…And hearing these types of comments, it was really offensive to both of us.”

    The pair admitted there was no specific remark that caused their decision. The ex-Republicans were simply moved by the overall hateful tone of his campaign.

    Donald Trump is so alienating to members of the Republican party the Hillary Clinton campaign is trolling him with a “Republicans against Donald Trump” website. There’s even a faction of anti-Trump Republicans hoping to stage a coup at the Republican National Convention.

    What all of this shows is that quite a few GOP members are upset at the idea of being forced to support Trump. He’s unarguably run the most racist campaign since George Wallace. This resentment has caused two elected officials to leave the GOP. Will they be the last? Possibly not.

    We might be witnessing the beginnings of a mass exodus. At the very least, Trump’s bigoted presidential bid could unite people across the political spectrum. This story shows that some Republicans are aware that they have a choice: Endorse a man who wants to build a wall to keep out brown people or call him out on his hate-based platform. I don’t know about you, but people saying “enough” and walking away from racists like Trump gives me hope.

    As for the Republicans who stay behind, they should know this: A party willing to roll over for blatant racism and discrimination doesn’t deserve to lead the American people. Mayor John Labrosse and Deputy Mayor Kathleen Canestrino understood that and the consequences of being linked to a man like Trump. They refused to stand for it.

    At this point, I suspect it’s not a question of who else will be leaving the Republican Party because of Trump — I think it’s a matter of how many people will be marching towards the exit.

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